Type ··············· Personal Project, Interior, Renovation
Role ··············· Concept, Design, Rendering
Year ··············· 2020

This house is my family house located in Bangkok, Thailand. In the house area, there are two buildings, the main building and the kitchen building, with the multipurpose space connecting them. Here is the renovation of the kitchen building.

The main functions remain the same with the addition of a takeaway shop for Yugo Yogurt Drink. The scope of the renovation is floor plan adjustment, build-in kitchen design and furniture selection.

Southeast of the house turns into a takeaway shop with an ordering window and a small waiting area. There is a separate entrance for the takeaway shop.

On the inside, Folding doors that stretch for the whole span are added to connect the space between two buildings when there is a house gathering or Chinese New year.

Thai cooking is intense when combined with the heat from the tropical weather; it is even more intense. Air circulation is essential, so span length windows and doors are added to the design. It combines with warmth from a wooden finish and a green stone kitchen top, adding an accent colour to the column and lighting fixtures to brighten up the mood of the space to be warm and active.

1 Main House
2 Terrace
3 Stove
4 Kitchen Island
5 Dining Table
6 Takeaway Yogurt Shop
7 Pick-up Window
8 House Entrance
9 Gas and Trash
10 Parking Space
10 Multipurpose Space