The Bartlett, UCL

Benchbot is a site-specific interactive light Installation. The site is located at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.  The problem of the site is that it was built to serve the activities during the Olympic period back in 2012.  It still opens to the public. The point that we pick up is that from the park for the Olympic festival with 100 times more users than today,  You don’t feel safe as the size of the park is enormous compared to the number of users.

The installation acts as a  communication lighting and data collecting to create a happening and make people who use the park feel safer.
Light installation is installed in the bench. It responses to people’s movement based on activities.
We tested with one bench, for the further development the plan is to install to the benches between opposite sides of the ponds to make a communication between users and benches.

The site

The activity and movement analysis