Kinect x Processing

Part of the short project in Dessigner for Preformance and Interatio to learn how to bringe two software by using OSC. 

Marniputaing the simple enclosed shape with your movement.

Input : from a movement that captured by Kinect.
Output: Polygon drawn in processing.


Yoga x Machine Learning

Machine Learning recognising yoga poses to controll a white circle to little game made in Processing.

ConvnetOSC x Wekinator x Processing
Machine Learning workshop with @AndreasRef
DfPI, The Bartlett, UCL.


Alter Ego

What if our shape of baby is something else? How we gon
Create a charactor with moving joint to be your alter ego in virtaul reality. The shape, height and property of joint take as a consideration in the process of creating. To question the proper space for different body properties.

Made in Blender and test them in Unity. 


Skelaton inside the charector

In Blender

Export from Blender to Unity