Type ······· Personal
Role ······· Concept / Design / Rendering
Year ······· 2021

Dark Night
Dark Night is the project that I want to reimagine and revisit my dream. On a random night in 2018, I had a beautiful and horror dream that I still remember vividly.

: Dream Log- Random night -07-2017

I found myself in a rural area that I had never been to before. It is dark, empty, and lifeless. There is no sound nor life. There is artificial blue light shining from the top of the big black building beside me. Another side of me is an empty old house. I followed the light. I walked along the side of this big black intimidating building on a narrow walkway and found the entrance. The door is partly open as if it wants me to step in

The chilled and uneasy feeling hit me the moment after I stepped in. The interior of the building looks like a church without any ornament. The whole space is filled with the blue and red light that washed over the charred wooden walls and ceiling. I couldn't tell whether the floor to ceiling line of bright blue light was the light source, the entrance or an exit to another world. I saw a group of men in suits with their faces covered. They are carrying something that resembles human bodies. I witnessed it from afar. They started forming a line carrying the bodies without any sign of heaviness or emotion and moved towards me. They are getting closer and closer to me. And they just walked past me as if I did not exist. I followed them. They walked quietly and slowly towards a pier at the back of the building. The pier seems like it extends into the darkness of the lake. At the end of it, Bodies were piling up after bodies. The men in suits turned around and walked away, leaving a mountain
of bodies there...