Type ······· Personal
Role ······· Concept / Design / Rendering
Year ······· 2021

Open Border
The Open Border is the floating village, an annual event that happens at the beginning of the wet season. When three countries: Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar, open their borders and share their space where they are free to meet, exchange their knowledge, and explore other cultures.

Golden Triangle

The site is located at the Golden Triangle, where their borders meet at the con

fluence of the Ruak River and Mekong River.
Golden Triangle was well known as the place that produced and exported opium. Two rivers act as a boundary of three countries. Ruak river separates Thailand and Myanmar. Mekong River is the fourth-longest river in the world; the water from Tibet flows through China, Myanmar, Thailand, Lao, Cambodia, and Vietnam. It nurtures millions of livelihoods. It is The Amazon
of Asia.

The Concept: Fish Farmer’s Raft Compound

Learning from the shared knowledge of river people that live along the edge of both rivers. They are experts in living and dwelling on the water with their house attached to the fish farm. They usually live with extended family and build their home together.

Each raft compound is an ecosystem itself. It consists of several families with shared space, school, farm etc. They get together and help each other on some occasions, such as harvest or boat building. The floating module is incredibly flexible and expandable, allowing the farmer to adjust their life according to the seasons and unpredictable weather.

You can see this way of living along the Mekong River, but nowadays, it is less according to the recent regulations. However, it is an awe-inspiring way of living that emerges from geography.

After the Event

When the event ends, the floating village can be separated into modules that towboats can move to serve each village. Each module will get together again when the following year's event comes around. This method allows the Open Border floating village to expand, shrink and adjust according to the change in usage.