Type ······· Personal
Role ······· Concept / Design / Rendering
Year ······· 2021

Summer Pavillion
at Granary Square
Granary Square is a vast area consisting of shops, restaurants, offices, and a school in the heart of King's Cross area in London. It serves a significant role for the community. It becomes a place for locals to live, to meet, and to work.

Every summer, Granary Square fountain is one of the infamous destinations for families for the paddling po ol. This installation adds more layers to the current function and this infrastructure to enhance the experience. 

Water Playground:

Water becomes one of the design elements. Water can flow, pour into shape and form according to the container. It can become a wall, a ceiling, an active element or a lubricant to create a play around it.

On-site, the fountainhead and lighting can be controlled individually. We use this existing technology and infrastructure to design the structure to control the water, light and to create a play around it.

Installation & Logistic:

The pavilion is designed in modules to be easy and quick for installation in public space.

The shades and The mountains are made from fibreglass using the mould casting process. They are prefabricated in the factory and unassembled for transportation, and have them reassembled on the site. This method will allow a shorter installation time. The installation process can be done overnight.